Norbert Rösch
Understanding  HealthCare: 
The adjustment of health care systems to the increasing number of chronic diseases is one of the biggest challenges today. 
Especially in the rural regions not all parts of the population can be guaranteed to have equal access to adequate care for their diseases. 
See The Chances  of digitalization:  
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) makes it possible to offer medical services over great distances. In this way, specialized services can be provided to extended parts of the populations in an economically reasonable way. Tele-Health and e-Health services are becoming more viable but they require new efforts in the fields of usability and data security.
Understanding the NEEDs:
Interdisciplinary approaches  are needed to integrate eHealth and telemedicine into daily life settings.
My aim is to support health care providers and health technology companies in developing their own digitalization strategies for an efficient use of Tele- and e-Health services.
Digitalization Enables People to improve health care

Prof. Dr. Norbert Rösch (MPH)

  1. -Informatics

  2. -Biomedical Engineering

  3. -Medical Documentation  

  4. -Health Management


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Digitalization enables People to improve Healthcare